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The MJHL Scholarship Fund is an exciting initiative that benefits league players. The MJHL Scholarship Fund provides the league with the ability to award scholarships to MJHL players on an annual basis from a pool of applicants. The scholarship awards must be used by the winners toward the cost of post secondary education in the Canadian education system only. At present, three scholarships are awarded each year valued at $750 each. On an annual basis the MJHL plans to increase the number of scholarships by increasing its pool of investment capital through fundraising campaigns aimed at League supporters and former players.


One of the major benefits of the MJHL Scholarship Fund relates to its ability to offer immediate tax receipts to donors who make a contribution to the Fund. This is an attractive advantage that allows individuals or organizations to support the Fund and the future players of the MJHL while benefiting through a tax receipt issued by the Winnipeg Foundation.


MJHL Scholarship Fund applications are available in hard copy by asking the Team Head Coach or by calling the MJHL Commissioner at 204 925 5644. All interested player applicants may also access an application on line by visiting the MJHL website at and clicking Parents/Scholarship Fund.


Past Athletic Scholarships


MJHL Scholarship Fund Application

Where are they now?

Keith McCambridge
: Selkirk Steelers
Colton Orr: Winnipeg Saints
Travis Hamonic: Winnipeg Saints

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Who is going to win the Stanley Cup?

Chicago - 51.4%
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